blue screen.

  1. Patrisious

    Windows 10 BSOD system_service_exception (netio.sys)

    Hey! as the title states I have a problem which is the infamous BSOD and i get with no noticeable pattern :/ most of the time it is system_service_exception (netio.sys) but few times it comes up as Kmode_exception_not_handles(netio.sys) or page fault in nonpaged area ... i ran full memtest86 and...
  2. J

    Windows 8 Blue screen but not blue screen of death.

    I tried conectong my monitor and tv both hdmi sand think I set them both to a secondary monitor or something.then I turned off my computer not being able to figure out how to get both working at once since it only showed picture on one at a time.i came back the next day and turned on my computer...
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