boot problems

  1. M

    Strange Issue : New Windows Installation Stuck at Boot Logo

    I have Dell Latitude E6410 Laptop which has not been in use for previous 3-4 years but before that was working well. Some background, this is my old laptop used from 2013 to 2016 and then I got a new laptop. So this Dell laptop was mothballed and kept along with other electronic spares. Last...
  2. binny dara

    Linux was happily using dual booted windows and linux and suddenly windows not booting up

    hey people .. not gonna waste your time so i dual booted my windows and kali linux everything worked fine but linux kept stopping for every 2 mins .. so to fix it i went and pressed e on kali linux in grub loader at start and i added nouveau.modeset=0 in command line.. thats a temporary fix for...
  3. MrMorrigan

    Fix bootloader on a pc without uefi/bios

    Hi everyone, My problem is that while trying to fix my uefi i broke my bootloader. The uefi is not loading since it is in fast boot mode, so i cant change the boot order or boot from another device like an recovery USB or CD. The Pc starts, fans are running, display lights up but I cant get into...
  4. R

    Install WinPE x86 and WinPE x64 on UEFI machine

    I´m currently working on the parallel installation of WinPE x64 and WinPE x86 on an UEFI machine. Up to now, I´ve managed to generate the needed WinPE image for x64 and x86 by using the Windows Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment. I was also able to install the WinPE x64 version in...