1. Alex Sokolek

    Windows 11 PeekMessage() not returning WM_KEYDOWN message

    Hi. I'm having trouble with PeekMessage(). I use PeekMessage() in a loop inside my WM_PAINT procedure to consume messages generated during a long computation process, and to allow the user to abort the process by pressing ESCAPE. Here is a snippet of my code... ... Create several threads to do...
  2. AlishS

    Mac OS C++ | Implement your own timer library | Embedded System | Operating System

    Design a software timer handler that triggers a specific function that gets executed when a timeout event occurs. Say there are 10 tasks that come in, each will have a timeout value and each will have a unique function to be called on timeout. You have one HW timer and need to handle this in...
  3. E

    Windows 10 Trying to Get Data Stored at Starting Address Designated by a Pointer Variable

    Hello, I am developing a Winodws audio program that utilizes the built in Windows Core Audio API. I have an issue where the IAudioCaptureClient is sending a STARTING ADDRESS of an audio frame to pointer pData. I am trying to find out how to read the packet stored at that starting address by the...