1. R

    The Last Cursor You Will Ever Need For Windows

    Get it here: lotus by raylark on DeviantArt
  2. Junayd42

    Dual boot issue with windows 10

    I am using windows 10 as my main operating system but recently I needed to use a software which requires windows 7 due to some compatibility issues with windows 10. I do not want windows 7 as my main OS so I installed it on another partition and it dual boots fine but the problem is touchpad. It...
  3. Dungogvolts

    Pointer/Cursor will not change sometimes

    Just lately when I open my browser my pointer will not change when I slid over things/headlines on stories ect on the page. It moves around just will not change to the Hand. I like to right click and open stuff in a new tab BUT the pointer does not change to the hand I have set up so I can right...