deleted files

  1. R

    Cannot Delete Files and Folders on Windows Server 2016 Even Though I am in the Administrators Group

    I run into this situation frequently on Windows Server 2016 where I cannot delete files or folders even though I am in the administrators group. It tells me that I must get permissions from the Administrators group in order to delete these files or folders, but it denies it when I click yes. How...
  2. K

    E drive deleted and not found

    So my E drive had a lot of important things and all of a sudden it was deleted, it contained my account inside so I am now stuck in my Admin account. Is there any way to help me get my drive back? It is a hard drive. Please help me
  3. J

    Windows 8 Deleted files from D partition while away

    I got a message in my email today that a large number of files got deleted from OneDrive. So I can still recover the files since they stay in the recycle bin for 30 days. I set up the OneDrive as a network drive on my PC as per an article that I found a while ago. This has been for about one...
  4. Herc

    Windows 10 Can i remove the following programs?

    I have 2 files on my desktop, infuser.dll and infuser.ver, Not sure what these files are or where they came from, not sure if they're related to windows 10 or any important system files, wondering if I can go ahead and remove them or if they are some important files needed for something. Just...
  5. I

    Windows 10 Recovering Deleted Data

    I made 5 audio tracks with my friend the other day and they've been permanently deleted by accidentally clicking undo, undo, undo, undo, undo, new folder on the desktop where I saved them. I used software called recuva which lets you go back to recover permanently deleted files but it only...