1. T

    Windows 10 How to disable all synchronizations with Windows 10?

    I had Windows 10 installed on your computer as a means to update 8.1. I had to format the computer and installed Windows 10 from scratch. Now came up with some of the previous installation settings. (so open Windows for the first time, were already there) I want a Windows completely new. Some...
  2. Rudy Toma

    Windows 10 Your account has been disabled. Please see your system administrator?

    Hi, i recently was trying to downgrade to windows 7 and it told me I had to remove any user I had on the computer so I did, then it told I had to also remove the administratior account on the computer which I did using command prompt. I then reseted my computer and it wont let me log in or do...
  3. Nimit

    Windows 10 Disable Snap Feature on Windows 10

    Hey guys this is my first Windows 10 tutorial. Search for "snap" in Windows 10 Search bar then it comes in Settings Results "Arrange windows automatically by dragging them to the sides or corners of" marked as blue in the picture; Then it comes up with this; Turn on the "Arrange windows...
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