domain administrator

  1. A

    Domain not available

    All right, folks, so here's the scoop. I set up a Windows domain at my home both for fun and for experience because I am a Systems and Network Administrator by trade which makes admitting that I am having this problem that much more embarrassing. But, in any event, everything worked fine when I...
  2. SchoolAdmin

    Windows Server 2019 restart/network issue

    Hello, I´ve been struggling with this for months. We use WinServer19, NIC1 is incoming network (NIC1 is shared to NIC2), NIC2 is outgoing network where we use static address/settings for organization. Our problem is, when the server restarts or update+restarts, the NIC2 settings will be restored...
  3. D

    Locked out of all Domain Administrator accounts on Windows Server 2008 R2 DC

    Thanks in advance for your time. I have been unsuccessfully trying to backdoor back into my domain controller (Win Server 2008 R2), but maybe there's a utility or solution I haven't tried yet. Both mine and my backup admin's domain admin accounts are locked out (with no timeout, as this is a...
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