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  1. Wonfoli Musical

    MUSIC Elton John IMPROBABLE DUET - George Michael & Myself - Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me - Cover

    This is my improbable virtual duet I sing with George Michael . This song "Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me" is a iconic pop & Gospel song of the 90's. Enjoy my cover and follow me @Wonfoli Musical
  2. Wonfoli Musical

    Elton John - Sad Songs - Cover @Wonfoli Musical

    I play and sing Elton John - Sad Songs - Cover @Wonfoli Musical Elton John sings Sad songs in 1984. Sad Songs (Say So Much) is a nice song to cover easily. This song is exiting to play it on the piano in live music. In 2021, Elton John released cold heart song with Dua lipa.
  3. Wonfoli Musical

    MUSIC Elton John - Blue Eyes - Cover @Wonfoli Musical

    I Sing and play Elton John - Blue Eyes - Cover Follow me @Wonfoli Musical BLUE EYES is a nice song for crooners it's an ELTON JOHN classic song