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  1. B

    Windows 10 Unexpected Store Exception Error and crash

    Hello, I have windows 10 on Toshiba laptop. For the past 10 days I had the above mentioned error and crash, twice a day. I checked for updates and I only have one antivirus software which is Windows defender. Today I had this crash once I opened my laptop. can anyone please provide a...
  2. Sebry Umboh


    Hi, i just got the 'Unexpected Store Exception' error, After my computer restarted it couldn't find hard disk. And now still not working, not detect my Hdd 1TB even i try use another computer still not work, I'm use program Disk management not found my Hdd 1TB.. Sorry for my bad English Please...
  3. 1

    Windows 8 Windows 8.1 causes repeatedly blue screens

    Hello people, my relatively fresh Windows 8.1 64 bit installation causes repeatedly blue screens that display a "watchdog violation" message. I already did some research on that, but the proposals for solution were not successful. The attached image shows the content of the minidump file.
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