file history

  1. shmu26

    Windows 10 file history does not run on schedule

    I have file history set up with default settings, it is supposed to run every hour. All along I have been creating and editing files in one of the included libraries, but I noticed that it has not run for a few days. I manually ran it, which went okay. but since then, more than an hour has...
  2. C

    Windows 10 Windows 10 file history

    I've just installed windows 10 into my new PC. I have two SSDs in it, one for files and one for booting windows. I've decided to enable the windows 10 file history feature to backup 200GB worth of files from my boot SSD into to my 2nd SSD. My question is, if I set it to the hourly backup option...
  3. U

    Windows 8 Best way to backup files?

    What is the best way to backup files? Also could you direct me to guides or explain how to do the backup? I have been looking it up and from what I read there is a system image and file history that does back ups. But which is the best? If I needed to put my external hard drive into a...
  4. J

    Windows 10 File History does not back up ANY files

    I've been a long time user of the File History backup system - but recently (I believe while still using Windows 8) it just stopped backing up any files at all. When I manually ask it to run: it appears to run for about 2 minutes, completes, (I can hit "Run Now" again) There are no errors...