1. ussnorway

    Windows 10 "how to" make custom 3d characters and send them to Mixamo for rigging

  2. ussnorway

    iclone, fuse, maya and photoshop... mucking around

    making some basic videos as a poc... p.s, thanks for your help whoosh :oops:
  3. ussnorway

    Windows 10 How to get Fuse characters working in Unreal engine 4.15

    software needed: an Adobe Account (free) to use Fuse CC Unreal engine (free)... I'm showing V4.15 Assumed knowledge = the ability to use Fuse + install Unreal engine Optional; Photoshop + CCapp for Texture editing Fuse steps; right click on a head and select "add matching parts" Pick...
  4. ussnorway

    Adobe Felix

    people that like Photoshop, Iclone and Fuse may want to have a look at the new Adobe Felix software... early days yet but I'm having fun
  5. ussnorway

    getting Fuse animation and characters into iclone 6

    These two show you how to load Adobe Fuse characters and Mixamo Animations into iclone 6... tested! Windows; in the second tutorial it states that you can load a preset T-pose onto your character and this will NOT work on windows systems unless the 3dXchange program is "run as admin"... a...
  6. ussnorway

    Adobe Fuse

    Adobe has purchased Fuse and its now a free demo (Adobe id needed but thats just an email)... you may want to play with it? p.s, sorry about the low rez but I had to drop it down to keep Vimeo happy.
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