1. ussnorway

    Windows 10 Myst 3 and 4 on Gog.com

    Yes thats right the world has flipped upside down ... and I have some games to play this weekend, Yipee! Myst III: Exile Myst IV: Revelation
  2. ussnorway

    Windows 10 Batterstar Galactica

    I grabbed this on special this week from Gog.com for 1/2 price and love it but I do also agree its not a game for everyone. as one reviewer put it "boring game but pretty to watch"
  3. Axel PC

    Windows 10 GoG and Steam pros and cons.

    I used to be a big PC gamer back in the Windows XP days. But with the GoG and Steam sales right now I'm really tempted to buy some PC games. Back in the Windows XP days DRM was such a big deal. Sometimes it caused problems on your computer. Or you couldn't play it on a new computer that you...
  4. ussnorway

    Windows 10 Star ruler2

    I'm making a new home for myself these days.
  5. ussnorway

    Dragon age Origins comes to gog.com

    some of you may know this game is now on gog.com and the question of mods is bound to come up next... so to answer for that question yes, the updater works just fine. ref = Dragon Age™: Origins - Ultimate Edition -60% on GOG.com edit: oops my screen rez was too high for Microsoft to handle...