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graphics driver

  1. MattTheCat

    Windows 7 NVIDIA Driver won't install.

    I really didn't know what section of this site to post this in, and this is a copy of a thread I posted to another site (NVIDIA Driver won't install. - Windows 7). I am doing this of course to get as much help as possible and not to drive up web traffic. You can also go there (bleepingcomputer)...
  2. turbomair

    Windows 10 Drivers (perhaps graphics card) are causing crashes.

    I have delt with this for about a year. It's only in the past 6 months has become a large hassle. My HP EliteBook 8560w is crashing quite frequently. After trying many many drivers, I cannot fix it. I just wiped and reinstalled windows hoping for a change, but none is to be found. I ran a...
  3. S

    Screen brightness locked

    I have a Lenove Ideapad z400 that came with Windows 8. Ever since I “upgraded” from Windows 8.1 to 10, the brightness adjust buttons immediately make the screen change to the lowest brightness setting – unusable in all but near-darkness. - The first time it happened, I updated the graphics...