1. RUDY03

    Anyone know how to see car names in WATCH_DOGS?

    Aloha! Just recently started with Watch_dogs, but I am pretty much into it now, but never got one thing correctly---how do you know the car names? As in GTA, all cars and bikes, etc have specific fictional names, that I know, but how to know which car is which? Neither can I see the names of...
  2. T

    Windows 10 GTA 3 Windows 10

    I have recently bought a copy of GTA 3 for my PC and cannot get it to work. I have tried all the compatibility settings and nothing is happening. Sometimes, I get a black screen for a few seconds but that is about it. I would appreciate any help.
  3. NightEagle

    Best cheap computer setup for GTA V and some Steam games?

    Hey guys I have some things to ask. I recently watched this YouTube video by Green Ham Gaming which shows how to get a GTA V PC for less then $150. It uses a Dell Optiplex 755 Now I want to try this out myself, since I would like the next gen version of GTA V, as I only have the last gen on...