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  1. Dianmeyer

    Windows 10 Controller help needed

    Good day I need a way to use my xbox one controller as input 2 to play split screen as I used to do this with my broken ps3 remote I emulated with x360ce
  2. C

    Windows 7 Random DLLS Being corrupted! PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Hello! I really need help! Some DLLs are randomly being corrupted on my computer and, according to Webroot, I don't have a virus. Some things that have stopped working are Audacity (wxbase28u_vc_custom.dll), Audiosurf (it started working again?!), and Java (net.dll). The net.dll file is all 0s...
  3. C

    Windows 10 No admin account at all! Only guest, please help

    Hi there Ok so my friend was messing about with my laptop and as a joke locked me out of my account basically changed it from a admin account to a guest account by creating some hidden admin account that doesn't exist by some weird process. Now she can't remember what she did and I only have...
  4. RUDY03

    Anyone know how to see car names in WATCH_DOGS?

    Aloha! Just recently started with Watch_dogs, but I am pretty much into it now, but never got one thing correctly---how do you know the car names? As in GTA, all cars and bikes, etc have specific fictional names, that I know, but how to know which car is which? Neither can I see the names of...
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