help needed

  1. W

    Windows 10 My disk is at 100% and idk why

    Hi my disk is at 100% at all times even after booting up. I dont know why it, but it started happening after creating a double boot for manjaro (linux). Please explain in detail I am not experienced with computers.
  2. J

    Windows 10 Glitch/Virus that moves my cursor to the bottom of my screen and spams the E key

    My computer randomly started moving my cursor to the bottom left corner of my screen and spamming the E key extremely fast. This started after I queued for a match in a video game(I don't think the video game is related). I can move my cursor for about 2 seconds and then it teleports over the...
  3. Canine8 YT

    Windows 10 App store errors / corruption issues

    this is the second time me posting this PLZ HELP ya this happens with every app that i download from the app store... even cortana does this so i need real help happened after i reset my pc (yes i tried resetting it agian didnt work) tried clearing cache tryed uninstalling and reinstalling...
  4. Herc

    Windows 10 Can i remove the following programs?

    I have 2 files on my desktop, infuser.dll and infuser.ver, Not sure what these files are or where they came from, not sure if they're related to windows 10 or any important system files, wondering if I can go ahead and remove them or if they are some important files needed for something. Just...
  5. R

    Windows 7 Windows 7 malfunction

    OK so about 3 or 4 months ago I bought a laptop from my mother then a week later I decided to make a new account then about 2 weeks after that I to backup all the information on it and then make that new account administrator after transferring all the documents and stuff to my external hard...