1. AlishS

    Windows 7 Permit HTML material to be published.

    Recently, I encountered an interview question. You have completed an ASP.NET application with .NET framework 3.5. You plan to submit text with HTML tags to a page in the application. You need to make sure that the HTML code will be submitted without causing any disruption to other programs...
  2. MajklJ

    Windows 10 Multiple applications seem to be missing CSS/other style format.

    In the past month or so, I have noticed a blaring issue with multiple applications ranging from official Microsoft popups, through HP Support Assistant, to Adobe Installers not loading their style format. I concluded that this is most likely an error with some part of Windows these applications...
  3. P

    Windows 10 hta script to display animated GIFs in a folder and its subfolders

    Dear Community, in the Windows 7 Forum I found a working hta script to display animated GIFs located in a folder: Animate GIF files in Windows Explorer? Here is the hta script: <html><head><title>Animator</title></head> <body><script type="text/vbs"> set...