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  1. Aniket Dubey

    Windows 7 Installing Windows 7 back from Linux

    I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Machine. It was originally shipped with Windows 7. Windows 7 was becoming laggy for me so I switched to Linux Ubuntu 16.10. Ubuntu was way faster and smoother than Windows 7, but the problem is that it doesn't have all the apps which I need to use to get my work done. So...
  2. R

    Windows 7 DirectX Installation Not Progressing

    Hi, I would like to ask if there is a solution for my current problem. I wanted to install DirectX on my PC but when I waited for it to complete, it stubbornly refused to progress. That means that when I launched it this morning, it successfully started the installation progress but got stuck...
  3. L

    Windows 10 Risks of aborting a windows 10 installation, reasons why it may be slow and ways to accelerate it

    I have a high end laptop that began installing windows 10, just after midnight last night. Currently 13 hours later it is only at 8% complete. It began the installation without my permission (I am confused by why this happened) - and in an area where there was low wifi connectivity, although it...
  4. PickyBiker

    Windows 10 Win 10 update hangs at win 10 login

    I have twice started with a clean install of win 7 and all drivers and MS updates. Then I upgraded to win 10 and the whole download and install appears to work without error. When it finally comes up and asks for the user to login, it accepts the password and when I finally press enter, it just...
  5. U

    Windows XP How do I install mouse/USB drivers without a mouse to click on things?

    Dear Anyone. Hokay, here's the prob. as simple as I can make it. I've got a fairly modern computer but I have to use XP because my software hates anything else. (It's music software, old but I love it.) Suddenly, the mouse stopped working. So I dug out my Windows 7 hard drive, went online...
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