interview question

  1. Rishab7

    Windows 8 Need Help with SQL Query Interview Questions

    Hello, I am currently preparing for upcoming interviews and have been practicing SQL queries to improve my skills. While searching for useful resources, I came across an interesting set of SQL Query Interview Questions and Answers. I find these questions quite challenging and beneficial for...
  2. AlishS

    Windows 8 Is it possible to use Selenium WebDriver to automate native Windows-based dialog boxes?

    I was recently asked how to handle window based pop ups, and I responded with the traditional solution of using third party tools like Auto It. The interviewer told me that Selenium has made great strides and that my answer was outdated. I took some online references but was unable to understand...
  3. AlishS

    Windows 7 Permit HTML material to be published.

    Recently, I encountered an interview question. You have completed an ASP.NET application with .NET framework 3.5. You plan to submit text with HTML tags to a page in the application. You need to make sure that the HTML code will be submitted without causing any disruption to other programs...