1. Quessts

    Windows 11 Windows 11 task bar showing on windows 10 (Possible leak?)

    So I was streaming a Netflix show (Superstore S5:E16 at 12:07) and when I went into full screen I saw this: It's very faint but it's clear as day. The weird thing is, it disappears when I exit full screen so I'm not entirety sure what's happening here.
  2. A

    Windows 10 Service Host (svchost.exe) Memory leak / Memory Hog

    I bought a refurbished computer about 3 months ago and have had this problem since receiving it. After booting, the memory percentage is ~30% because of regular processes and after an hour of only looking at the desktop, the memory creeps up to 80-100%. When I look at task manager, it shows 150+...
  3. edgeleaks

    Edge Coming to Other Platforms?

    Found in the latest edge leak based on Chromium
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