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    Windows 10 Licensing question

    Long story short, I am building a NAS device for which I have thought to use Linux, but after an few month excursion into Linux world I do not think it to be such a good idea anymore. It will be a Snapraid solution so I am free to choose if the system will run Windows or Linux solution. I...
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    Windows 10 Install of license de windows 10 Home in two units HDD

    Hello how are you? I have the following problem, change the HDD drive to a solid state and now I do not activate the windows license of my UEFI, I get the following error (0x0C004C008) that by the Microsoft page details that the product is being used in another Computer, ie on my old HDD drive...
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    Windows 10 Buying OEM licences

    Hey there Looking for some advice, I'm based in the UK, and have found loads of very cheap licences of Windows 10 home online, and they are all OEM licences. I'm a hobby builder and wondering if it is legal for me to buy and install one of the OEM licences on a PC i am to build and use myself?
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    Windows 10 Reusing Windows 10 licences

    Hi, I need to be able to create and distribute secure Windows 10 VMWare virtual machines. I will be encrypting and restricting the VM's using Workstation Pro. I will be providing them to contractors at my company and once they complete their work I need to be able to re-use the activation key...