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  1. J

    Copying files from laptop without password

    Hi, I'm moving to a new job & I need to return my old work laptop which administrator removed my access to it. So when I select my account it rejects my password. Laptop is still on but I cannot login. It has bitlocker that's why I didn't want to restart it in case that code got changed too...
  2. BringMeASunkist

    Windows 10 Windows constantly asking for me to sign into OneDrive?

    Windows is asking me to sign into OneDrive about once an hour. My problem is that I changed the email address my OneDrive is associated with, and now I can't log back into it on this machine. Is there a way to fix that? The account it's referencing is no longer accessible.
  3. A

    Windows 10 Can't Log In After Restore

    Having trouble logging into my WIndows Live acoount on my laptop after a restore. My upgraded WIndows 10 was recently corrupted and I opted to do a System Restore and keeping my personal files. Afterwards, I can log in as Administrator to my laptop. But I can not log into my MSN Live account. I...
  4. Ron Binmore

    Windows 10 Two Stage confirmation

    Unfortunately, I signed up for the two stage check when you log in to this web site. I have found it a nuisance and want to cancel it. Can someone please tell me how I do that? Thanks, RonBin79
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