1. L

    Windows 10 Windows 10 mail shows wrong display name when sending messages from second or more accounts

    The Win10 "Mail and Calendar" app does not support more than one displayname attribute; sent messages are attributed with the same displayname attribute as the initial (iow, "first") messaging account configured in the "Mail and Calendar" app. This is neither a design oversite nor a bug. Indeed...
  2. T

    Windows 10 Mail problem

    I own a private domain which I have entered into the mail app and gone through with everything. But, the mail doesn't sync and when I try, it comes up with 'Your Work Mail account settings are out of date'. I click 'fix account' and it asks me to update my password. I do so and nothing happens...
  3. LUGUY

    Windows Mail

    Hi mi Gente. I'm having serious trouble with "Windows Mail" in Windows 10, when I click on Mail Icon it try to open but not, after restart the computer it work fine but not to long, again came back the same problem. Have a solution for this issue? Thank you in advance.
  4. Ectophile

    Windows 10 Cortana issue opening Mail and Calendar in Windows 10

    After I installed the latest Windows Cumulative Update (KB3124262) to Windows 10 Home (x64) Version 1511 (build 10586.71) today, Cortana will no longer correctly respond to "Open Mail" and "Open Calendar" commands as it had previously done without any issues. Instead, Cortana now opens my Apple...
  5. G

    Windows 10 Mail not appearing, but shown in folder tab

    Hi, I have a rather confusing problem; When I use the mail app, the Junk folder appears to hold 6 mail but after clicking the tab to view the Junk folder I get the message "We didn't find anything to show here", even though the preview still claims these 6 items are still present. I've tried...
  6. M

    Mail App Draft only local

    Hello everyone I am aware that there were similar posts but no solution or workaround was mentioned so far. Is there a way to get the draft folder working in sync with the connected mail account like every other folder (inbox, sent ..) does? so you could actually use the mail app as a fully...