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  1. ErMurazor

    Distorted audio in Gamebar recordings

    Hi all, I'm looking for a help to solve a big problem with Xbox Game-bar. I used the integrated Windows gamebar recorder to record my gameplays since all the time. And still, I like to it rather than using third party software. But there's a very disturbing problem with it; Whenever I record any...
  2. Wonfoli Musical

    MUSIC Elton John - Blue Eyes - Cover @Wonfoli Musical

    I Sing and play Elton John - Blue Eyes - Cover Follow me @Wonfoli Musical BLUE EYES is a nice song for crooners it's an ELTON JOHN classic song
  3. T

    Smart Playlist Files

    I am trying to find a new music player for Windows that supports .m3u playlists for regular playlist but also supports smart playlists. I cannot find a music player that supports smart playlist as a file except for Windows Media Player. Itunes supports smart playlists but each playlist is not a...