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  1. Ssipbunhal

    Windows 10 Wireless Mouse won't work. Help!

    So basically my wireless mouse stopped working all of a sudden. I thought it was a problem with my USB port, but a wired mouse worked. I tried putting my wireless mouse in another computer and it worked there. Is there any way to fix this situation. I have tried multiple wireless mouses and none...
  2. Renekluz

    Windows 10 I can't start my notebook

    Hi, I would like to ask for help, because my PC isn't starting. When I pressed the start button, nothing happened for few minutes, but after, this poped up. Here If I press any button, or click on anything with my mouse, the screen goes black for few minutes And then Back to this screen. I tried...
  3. C

    Windows 10 Shut laptop down when installing windows ! help !

    hi, so I got an acer cloud book for Christmas and today I decided to hard restart it. While it was installing windows I stupidly shut it down. NOW when I switch it on it just keeps restarting u till I switch it off again and then the cycle continues. It should Be bored the installation screen...