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    Windows 10 Unable to end Office programs

    Hi, I have a simply but extremely annoying problem in that I am unable to fully dispose of any running office programs. I need to close these programs, because sometimes I cannot delete the associated documents, because they are sill 'in use' by one of the office program, thus preventing me...
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    Windows 10 Windows 10/ Corrupt email attachements in Word, Excel, and Powerpoint

    After I upgraded to Windows 10 I was unable to open any attachments in word, excel or PowerPoint. this included old emails I had where I successfully opened word, excel and PowerPoint docs. I tried emailing Microsoft office help and never received a response, logged in using my Microsoft...
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    Windows 8 Office 2013 not responding when exiting word, powerpoint and excel

    I have a Windows 8.1 Pro laptop and I am having a problem with it stops responding when closing Word, Powerpoint and Excel. I tried uninstalling it, running CCleaner and reinstalling it, but the problem persists.It was working fine the last couple of months, but I had to reset my computer. What...
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