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    Windows 10 access remote computer user list

    Hello everybody, I need to set permission on a shared folder on a remote computer on my network. In the said action, I need to add a local user of that computer to the user list. I know that computer's local users' names but cannot add them. Looks like I don't have permission from that computer...
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    Windows 10 Killer E2200 Gigabit Ethernet Controller

    Hello, Last fall I upgraded my MSI GS70 2PE laptop from Windows 8 to Windows 10 with a clean install. There were a few speedbumps with drivers and what-else, but I got everything to work - including my Local Area Connection ethernet port. Last month, I stopped being able to recieve an internet...
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    Windows 10 You don't have permission to save

    I was using win 8.1 on my Dell Laptop without any difficulty. I upgraded to win 10 Home without any problems or so it seemed. After the install reboot and signing onto my user account I began to work as usual. I needed to transfer some pictures from my camera to the Pictures folder on my "C:"...
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    Windows 8 Access to folders permissions

    I made a folder in my photos and wanted to make sure other users on the computer couldn't access it. I'm not the administrator by the way. So I changed the permissions so only I could access the folder but I accidentally took away my own permissions. Now I can access, delete, or do anything with...