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power management

  1. Lakis01

    Windows 10 Disable Display Brightness Change When Plugging Charger In/Out

    Hey everyone, does anybody know how to stop Win 10 from changing the display brightness each time I connect / disconnect the charger? To prevent any misunderstanding, I am not reffering to the adaptive display settings regarding specific power plans. Thanks! Markus
  2. Lakis01

    Windows 10 Stop Charging When Power >80%, Start When <=40

    Hey everyone, to prolong battery life I would like a tool, program, way to have my laptop stop charging, when the battery is at 80% (or more?!) of its capacity. To then wait for it to drop to 40% and only then start charging again. This obviously can only be a temporary tweak (e.g. when the...
  3. Lakis01

    Windows 10 Link Program Start [&Quit] to certain power plan

    Hey everyone, for my convenience I already created Desktop Shortcuts [to cmds I created] to switch between power plans before starting or having just quit a high performance or idle program. However it would be really neat, if I could tie clicking certain exes in the taskbar to entering that...
  4. T

    Windows 10 Hibernation Problem

    I have a SSD with Windows 10 installed. I need of Hibernation function very much; And all time which I do Hibernation, and the PC turn off, to back for work, crashes. The session is lost. I use UEFI of Asus. Just complementing The problem that I previously said, I have installed Windows 10 on...