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    Printer not working for normal users

    Hi, i have a problem with printer / printserver I have added a printer in my printserver, but when i try to print anyting from a domain user, nothing is coming out. But when i log on with admin, then the printer works. On sicurity on the pritenr it says that everyone can use it. And when i try...
  2. N

    Default printer not selected if printing twice from same application

    Hi, I have tried to resolve this, but I can't get any other behaviour. When printing a document, or anything really to a printer, the default printer is selected initially, which is great. If I then select the print to use a different printer, then it prints off on the selected printer, which...
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    Print Formatted Wavy heavy Underlines

    I format some of the words in my documents, in Word 2010, with a heavy wavy Underline. It shows on the formatted page but not in the preview page, where it shows and prints a regular underline. I chatted with Brother's, MFC-9340CDW printer, and they say that it is Microsoft problem. I can...
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    Windows 10 default printer in Win 10

    Hi! I was trying to help my mom with Windows 10 recently installed/updated on her computer. In the folder for printers, in the drivers and devices (or similarly named) folder in the settings, we can see her printer there among other printers in the house. When I right click on the printer she...