1. Beanholio

    Windows 10 Multiple Random BSODs (Post OS Reinstall)

    Hello, I purchased a new computer back in December and began to have intermittent BSOD errors ~6-8 weeks later (probably around 8-9 crashes in a 3 day period). Assuming a potential hardware issue, I loaded up a USB drive with Ultimate Boot CD and ran hardware diagnostics overnight. No issues...
  2. P

    Windows Vista Vista PC keeps getting BSOD

    My PC keeps crashing, it happens seemingly at random. Only time I know its been happening over and over again is when I shutdown, my pc goes to the "Shutting down..." screen and then bluescreens. This has only been happening like maybe a month? Im gonna attach my minidumps to this
  3. E

    Windows 7 Random non-BSOD shut-down, weird, partial zombie-reboot

    win7 pro 64-bit, windows security essentials, newest vdefs. windows updates current. drivers current. I get these weird random system shut downs (NOT a BSOD, more like a power failure), sometimes I'm watching a video, sometimes I'm not even on the computer at all. Sometimes it happen after 20...