1. eliasvelardezft

    recover windows from formatted hdd

    Hi, I recently bought a new pc and formatted all the hdd's I had, including the one that had windows on it. Now I installed a new version of it (x64) but I can't activate it because I don't have any information or proof that I actually had an activated windows 10 copy. I downloaded a program to...
  2. G

    How do I recover my backup files from a cd

    I had to reset my pc and it asked me to backup my files before I did it, so I backed up all of my files using 2 cd's. Now how do I get my backed up files back onto my pc from the cd's?
  3. N

    Format PC with built in Window 7

    Dears, Good day, I have Asus PC with built in window, i am trying to boot recovery mood f9 when the PC start off. unfortunately the recovery not solve the problem even when i select full format for PC. the PC run and shut down again and again (unlimited loop) seems that there is a software...
  4. Neemobeer

    Retrieve your Windows Product Key without extra software

    This quick tutorial shows you how to retrieve your Windows product key from a working system. This is helpful in cases where your device doesn't have a sticker. Open powershell (Press the Windows Key, then type powershell) Type the following command The output will be your 25 character...