1. GeoNomad

    Windows 10 Task Bar is too high - Can't widen System Tray

    After a W10 update a few weeks ago, my task bar became 3 lines high and it became impossible to widen the System Tray area. I have tried various forum suggestions around icon sizing, etc, but nothing helps. There is plenty of room to widen the system tray area, which would have (in the past)...
  2. T

    Windows 8 Windows 8.1 icon problem

    I've just bought a new laptop with windows 8.1 installed. I had a PC, so I copied the Fonts folder in that PC and pasted into my new laptop. And then it happened (you can see down there, in the yellow and red circles; so are the arrows in the login screen and the apps list). In my opinion, that...
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