scheduled task

  1. mindmischief

    powershell Scheduled Task throws SeTcbPrivilege security message

    I have a Scheduled Task that runs a powershell script. The script copies a file from a remote server to the local server and then deletes the local file if the date-modified is older than 30 mins. The task is using an Active Directory resource account. This resource account is not in any local...
  2. aviv levi

    Windows 10 windows scheduler fails when laptop is on batteries

    hello everyone, I'm new to this forum - hope we will have a nice time I'm trying for weeks now to schedule a task to run a jar file every day at 3:20 pm. the trick is - I want it to work when my laptop is in "sleep" (not "sleep mode"). The best I got was that the jar was succesfully activated...
  3. Windows Media Player Alarm Clock using Task Scheduler

    Windows Media Player Alarm Clock using Task Scheduler

    You can create an alarm clock with Windows Media Player in scheduled tasks. Here is the video tutorial and the corresponding thread: