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  1. Cardinal System

    Windows 10 schtasks The task XML is malformed.

    Hello, I am trying to import a scheduled task from from the command line to the task scheduler. Before my program runs the schtasks command, it inserts a file path in the <Command></Command> element. The XML file works with schtasks before I insert my file path, but not afterwords. It keeps...
  2. E

    Windows 10 [SOLVED] Windows 10: schtasks job start, but does not work

    Hi, I'm new of this thread and I do not know if this is the right section of the forum. I'm under windows 10 1803 64 bit. I have two scripts (.cmd and .ps1) which execute the same operation. The scripts work well if I run them from cmd or powershell while they do not work if I use schtasks. In...
  3. M

    Windows 7 Cannot create task from schtasks that runs when user logged off

    I need to be able to use the schtasks command line utility to cteate a a task theat will run even when the user is not logged on. So far I have been unable to figure out away to do that. Any help would be appreciated. I have tried several combinations of /RU and /RP and /u and /p without...