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    Windows 10 a

    Hey, my friend told me post this "script" here because im having difficulties with it so if you want to help you can. In advance thank you.
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    Windows 10 Compression of Tree Folder directory

    Tree Folder directory I am not a programmer nor I know about programming, so far. The directory tree is as follows: work/documents/Client_01/year 2018/January/PO_0001/ work/documents/Client_01/year 2018/February/PO_0002/ work/documents/Client_01/year 2018/December/PO_0092/...
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    Windows 10 Batch: Concatenate and append contents of a file to a new file.

    One folder has many files that all contain some notes for a particular name. The names are already in a txt document one line after another that I plan to edit into a batch program. Tabbed over from the names is the filename that contains the info needing to be appended. Example: {Larry)...
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