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  1. M

    Windows 10 Shortcut Keys not working

    I got a macro keypad, been trying to set it up but for whatever reason, all the shortcuts i set up in the shortcut property window just dont work, and by that i mean I make a shortcut to the exe and open up properties. The shortcuts are preset as CTR+ALT+[num], and for whatever reason any...
  2. Cardinal System

    Windows 7 Define New Keyboard Shortcut?

    I need to create a keyboard shortcut that will shutdown the computer, I already tried the method presented in this third-party project (Windows 7 create a custom keyboard shortcut for your application), and worked at first, but then stopped working; and I couldn't use it on other desktops. How...
  3. iSpithash

    Windows 10 Windows + Q shortcut stopped working.

    The Windows + Q shortcut (Cortana pop-up search) suddenly stopped working. Is there an Registry Edit or something to bring it back to life? Thanks in advance.
  4. ussnorway

    Task View: shortcuts

    To open Task View press [windows key] + [Tab] To move around your tabs or add another, first press [Tab] then use your [left arrow] and [right arrow] to move across the tabs or hightlight the +desktop button. edit: press [enter/ return] to open the hightlighted tab once you have it sellected.
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