sound issues

  1. ProjektorMusic

    Problem with certain applications not outputting audio to any audio device yet I'm still hearing it.

    Hey, So this might sound really weird but I'm having this problem that I'm having but I recently installed an USB audio interface on my pc. All programs run well with this new audio interface except for one: Ableton Live 10. I am getting an output from the program(I.E. I'm hearing stuff through...
  2. S

    Windows 10 Microphone not working

    I apologize if this thread is long, but I am going to give as much information as possible. My PC is an Acer Aspire TC-780, and my current headphones are Turtle Beach Recon 150 Over-Ear Gaming Headset (which have a detachable mouthpiece as the microphone). My issue is that no matter what...
  3. Romchik9007

    Microphone won't function properly

    Hello all. I'v recently built a custom PC. Everything works as supposed to. But the issue is, whenever I connect a headset, it doesn't let me utilise the headset's microphone. I've made sure to download all the drivers. I plug in the headset into the "Headphone" port at the front, but the mic...
  4. bignose956

    Sound "Unplugged" Error

    My computer was not playing sound from Google Chrome, so I opened the sound manager and clicked the "Configure" button after selecting "Speakers". Half way through the configuration the GUI changed and only displayed a message saying the speakers were unplugged. Ever since then the audio...
  5. Joshua Bowman

    Microsoft Edge Sound Issues

    I switched to Microsoft Edge recently and while watching YouTube I got a loud static like noise blared into my ears every time I paused/played the video. Please help me I would love to use Microsoft Edge, but if I cant fix this problem I'm going to have to move back to google chrome. (T-T)
  6. M

    Windows 10 Altec Lansing Left Speaker not Working

    I've tried many solutions from online, but for some reason, only the left speaker of the two Altec Lansing speakers work. Can someone please help me with this?
  7. Alexlmn

    Sound problems (update 15/04/16)

    Yesterday my laptop had an automatic windows update when I shut down the system. Today when I tried to listen to music with my earbuds (3.5 jack) the music wont play. I've tried to use my headset ad it doesn't work neither. Without the earbuds, the sound works perfectly. I've tried updating mij...
  8. J

    Sound on Windows 10

    The sound on Windows 10 on my computer is finicky. When I'm playing a media file through VLC media player the sound tends to get confused and fade in and out of my speakers, but not when playing sites like YouTube or Netflix. It is also in my headphones. I checked the drivers and they are all up...