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    Windows 11 Windows 11 - upgrade or downgrade?

    I have utilized Microsoft operating systems since before Windows - using DOS and running Wordstar, utilizing dot commands to maneuver through the application. I feel I have some credibility for the couple of comments to follow because, computers, software, Microsoft (and even UNIX) were part of...
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    Windows 10 Answer File to Automate Startup of New Computer

    I am looking for some help/advice in creating an answer file to automate the first time boot of a Windows 10 computer. I prepare many of these computers for customers and would like to automate the process. How do I make an answer file to accomplish this?
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    Windows 10 Windows 10 Suspended at login

    I am running Windows 10 on a Mac with Parallels. After I completed this installation, I rebooted my computer and launched Windows 10. After the startup page loaded, I was greeted with a "suspended" screen. When I proceeded, the next message asked me to enter my old password, and reset my...
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