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  1. MayankMittal

    Windows 10 Issues with windows Store

    Hello everyone! I am new here with a little bit of problerm I installed forza horizon 4 demo a few days back and gave it instructions to install it in drive:D My c drive was having a free space of 172 GB but after installation, it became 140 gb which made it clear that the downloaded file is...
  2. J

    Issues with Caps Lock and localized characters in Windows store apps (Š, Č, etc.)

    Hello, I run Windows 10 Home edition and have an issue with applications installed via Windows Store (OneNote, Viber, etc. but ONLY when they are a "Windows app". More info below) and "localized" capital letters. (I do not know how to call them, simply put: letters with special punctuation. Š...
  3. Ron Binmore

    Windows 10 Store App won't open

    Having trouble with Store App. Please see the screen shot. RonBin79
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