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  1. ragnarok1968

    Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: black screen after log-off

    Hey guys, I have a problem and from what I have seen thus far from many others, Nvidia drivers may be the issue. Problem: When I log-off to get a coffee, use the head etc, the screen will go black, requiring me to reboot my system. I know of past videos I have seen whereby Linus Torvalds tells...
  2. ragnarok1968

    Linux Tweaks program- great to manipulate your desktop min. /max. button activation.

    I have to admit, I already installed tweaks already so I'll go through the flow. program: Gnome Tweaks (installed automatically.) I opened a terminal window and threw the command at it; apt search Gnome-Tweaks and what you'll find in return... Sorting... Done Full Text Search... Done...
  3. ragnarok1968

    MSI Steel series keyboard software

    Hey everyone! how goes it? I own an MSi Gaming laptop with the steel series keyboard and it can be used in UBUNTU 18.04 LTS. I wanted to put this tutorial up here on how to get your steel series keyboards to function in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS First I did a search for the msi steel series keyboard...
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