usb flash drive

  1. DominikHoffmann

    How to make ISO downloaded from UUPDump bootable on a USB?

    I downloaded a Windows 11 ISO from UUPDump. When I flash that to a USB drive and try to do a clean install on a fanless PC with a Celeron processor, the installer tells me that there is no installable OS on the drive. Because balenaEtcher told me that the ISO I generated was not bootable, I used...
  2. RodBarnes

    Windows 10 Created bootable USB with Win32DiskImager but Windows wants to format?

    I've used Win32DiskImager in the past to create bootable Windows media on a USB. I am almost certain that, after completing the flash, I was able to insert the USB into an operating Windows10 system and the folders and files appear and look just like what I see if I mount the ISO directly in...
  3. G

    Windows 10 Can not browse folders in USB drive

    Every time I plug my USB in the port "USB DRIVE(M: )" pops up in "Devices and drivers" next to "WIndows(C: )" for a split second and vanishes instantly. Since it's gone so quickly I can not access the fies on the USB drive. The drive is however still recognised by the computer. It is shown in...
  4. steveoindy

    Windows 10 BitLocker USB new windows version?

    One of my USB drives wouldn't unlock, giving me a message "The BitLocker encryption on this drive isn't compatible with you version of windows. Try opening the drive using a newer version of Windows." As far as I know i have the latest. i did look for updates after i got this error. i have...
  5. Z

    Windows 7 External backup medium. Delete to recycle bin possible?

    - Is it possible to Delete to recycle bin when having and external backup medium such as HD or USB flash drive? - Is it ok to have a usb flash drive as a full backup medium? I am looking to get a 2TB usb flash drive as my main backup medium!