1. W

    window startup repair error

    hi, i am using window 7 in virtualbox 5.1 but some error come on my window 7 means firstly it become vdi (normal,inaccessible) when i solved this inaccessibility that is biggest and huge error and when i open my window as normal so it occur window repair erro when i click on window repair it...
  2. blackmagicislam

    Windows 7 Dual window

    IN my pc, I installed window 7 now I planning for window 10 install i want to the dual window on my pc Please tell me how to make separate space for both windows
  3. blackmagicislam

    Windows 7 Tell me best video editing software for make youtube video

    I want to make video for youtube i still confused video editing softawre
  4. Dmen

    Windows 7 Windows 7 64bit Home Premium BSOD

    Hello, yesterday my pc crashed. Can someone help me please :D I uploaded the dmp file.
  5. Cardinal System

    Windows 7 Windows Restore not working!

    Every time I leave my PC for an extended amount of time, it will go to sleep as normal, and after an extended time go into hibernation. But if I leave a desktop locked or logged on when leave, the computer won't wake up properly! This does not happen very often, but when it does, this is what...