windows 10 pro

  1. M

    Windows 10 Issues with corrupt files and apps crashing, Windows store missing. No video player

    I have followed just about everything possible. I attempted a reset and it could not perform it. I have tried just about everything from powershell to commands straight to reinstallation of windows (Where it keeps failing to do so) If theres anyone who could help me that would be great. I cant...
  2. Peter H Williams

    Windows 10 Unmountable boot volume

    I have seen other references but typically with older Windows. This is Windows 10 Pro which has just been delivered to me on a (new to me but refurbed ) PC. Athlon CPU, 8gb memory, 250 ssd and 500 gb hdd. I have been trying to create a functional PC for about 2.5 days. When I got the PC I...