windows 8.1 installation

  1. M

    windows 8.1 with bing

    i had windows 8.1 with bing (no N version) and i wanted to reset my computer but now my computer has windows 8.1 without bing and my system asks a key for my windows but my old one doesnt works (error:`0xC004C003) (I resetted it a the full way like it was for a other person). But now i want to...
  2. Z

    MUCH needed windows 10 install help !!!

    The other day i had finished my pc build, i installed windows 10 but none of the drivers were working so i decided to downgrade to win 8 by reseting the hard drives using the tool built into windows 10 THEN reformatting / deleting them before install . I couldn't downgrade so i went back to 10...
  3. Adenuff

    Need help .... Please 8.1

    Ok gonna cut a long story very short ...... Brought a new tower in January this year with 8.1 on , shit happened and pointing fingers isn't going to help me now . So this is my problem , wiped or thought I did the hard drives to try and start a fresh , I've gone out and got a hard copy of...
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