windows firewall

  1. C

    Windows Defender Firewall allowed apps list is full of rdp port 13389

    So the tittle pretty much explains it. I had to allow an app through my firewall which for a while now has been very slugish. My Firewall is super slow and almost always freezes when I try to do anything with it. After my allowed app list finally loaded it was full of RDP port 13389 again and...
  2. S

    Windows 10 firewall rule for external drive

    Hi :) How to set firewall rule for a program on external drive for example Z:\Programs\SomeProgram\program.exe. How to prevent moving this rule to inactives when I disconnect the drive? Every time I have to dissable and enable rule to make it active. How to set this rule permanent even there is...
  3. 2

    Windows 10 Is it possible to make a firewall rule for both in- and outgoing rules at the same time?

    ...So I don't have to de- and activate both in- and outgoing rules everytime. It seems like a lot to do that could be done with a single click. Win 10 Windows Defender Firewall Udgave Windows 10 Home Version 20H2 Installeret d. ‎01-‎09-‎2020 Operativsystemets build 19042.870 Thanks!
  4. Matthew Swan

    Windows 10 Windows 8.1 Firewall won't turn back on

    Hello all! Since yesterday morning, I've had an error with the Firewall not turning back on. The day before, it was on, and working fine! I haven't installed anything since, except we had a new router installed because our old one had the wrong charger to it. The new one worked fine the day we...