1. Krishnakumar

    Windows 8 Windows bsod before completing personalisation process after installation

    I use a Dell inspiron n5110 laptop with 500gb hard disk space and 4 GB of ram. Recently I thought of changing my os from windows 7 home basic to windows 8 . I used a USB drive to install it on my laptop via custom installation procedure. The installation was complete and the laptop restarted. I...
  2. desmav27

    Windows 8 Help my mouse will not move when I hold down a key!

    I have tried every piece of advice from every site, NOTHING WORKS! I need help because whenever i hold down any number or letter key, my mouse will not respond to moving. I have a touchpad and I tried to move around when I noticed my hand was on a letter key and it was not moving. PLEASE HELP
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