wireless speed

  1. RedPlanet

    Windows 11 Network speed gets slower overtime.

    I run OpenSpeedTest-Server in my LAN to run this Stress Test. (Full 1 Hour Continuous speed test) Results should be 9400+ for Download and Upload, I ran this test on Chrome and Edge on My Windows 11 Machine and observed the same issue. I run this test on MacOS and Linux on Safari, Chrome and...
  2. R

    Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Not responding, High CPU, slow wireless

    Hi All, I upgraded to the Anniversary edition in early August. I had some problems but things were manageable. In the last 2 weeks my Dell Precision M6800 with 32mb of RAM and 2 480 gb SSD hard drives was experiencing 100% CPU utilization to the point I couldn't even bring up Task Manager and...