1. Z

    Windows 10 WMI API to know whether the drive is READ/WRITE Protected.

    We've encrypted a drive using bit locker drive encryption. After unlocking the drive, Is there any WMI API's available to get the status of drive? Like, whether it is write protected or not.
  2. T

    Windows 10 Failed to initialize all required WMI classes

    On my Windows 10 Pro 64-bit PC, when I go to WMI Control in Computer Management under "Services and Applications" and select "More Actions" -> Properties, it displays the following:- Failed to initialize all required WMI classes. Win32_Processor: WMI: Invalid class Win32_WMISetting: WMI...
  3. rompage

    writing a .net 3.5 program running on Windows 10

    Hi guys, I have a question about getting .net 3.5 applications run on Windows 10. According to the article here .net 3.5 in by-default disabled in windows 10. I have some .net 3.5 code that runs perfect on Windows 7, and I do not like to set the .net framework of those code to .net 4.5 or...
  4. rompage

    Windows 10 DriverDate format issue in Win32_PnPSignedDriver

    Hi guys, I have encountered a strange issue, WMI query to Win32_PnPSignedDriver might return yyyyddmmhhMMss.***+*** instead of yyyymmddhhMMss.***+***, is there a way to know which format was returned at a particular query on some particular item? or should it always return...
  5. DexterWoo

    Windows 10 WMI Query fail

    Hello MS guys here, So I have encounter an issue that WMI query to Win32_Logicdisks got no instance returned. I noticed this issue when developing a script to copy files from UNC(use it to query the disk size make sure it won't copy too much data),at that time it seems my windows update...