1. mashrafi

    Windows 11 Somehow a program created wrute protected a volume G(dvd drive)

    I tried to installed an iso file(fifa8).It didn't worked out.It created a new disk on my pc and made all the files untouchabe.There is no delete option.Disk manager can't format it.Diskpart can't delete it.It is just untouchable.I don't feel healthy to keep it as it is.Can't even delete the iso...
  2. A

    Windows 11 External Hard Drive Write-Protected

    I am trying to use my external hard drive on my Windows 11 machine, but it says it is write-protected now all of a sudden. I tried some of the fixes online (uncheck read-only in properties, regedit, diskpart, sfc scan, & chdisk), but they didn't work. Any USB I plug in is also write-protected as...
  3. Agna E A

    Windows 10 Security assurances of bit locker auto-unlock feature

    We are working based on a project requirement to use Bitlocker Auto-Unlock feature in a FIPS-GPO-enabled environment. Unlocking the bitlocked devices with passwords, in a FIPS-enabled environment will make them write-protected. Using a recovery key or a recovery password does not opt for our...
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