0x00007A and 0x0000F4 BSOD on Win 7sp1


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First off, hello all and thank you for taking your time reading this. I am a first time poster.

Hx: About a month ago I changed my gfx card from a geforce 9600 GT to a geforce gtx 570 HD. I cannot remember if the problems began occurring before or after this, but it was very close to each other. Suddenly, norton began alerting me that Diablo 3, google chrome, and other programs were using excessive computer usage. Shortly after these occurrences, my computer would make this robotic stuttering noise and freeze for 1 minute, then unfreeze. These would continue. Then after a while, my computer would just say "enter boot disc" when trying to turn on.

So, I switched out my hard drives to an un-used, but similarly 1 year old one and installed win7 sp1 on it via a burned ISO. Using this fresh hard drive and fresh OS, I have been having memory dumps very commonly. The latest two I've recorded are 0x00007A and 0x0000F4.

Last night I ran memtest for 8 passes with no errors.

Also, I should note at times, it seems my internet goes out and then my video game and web browser freezes, very quickly followed by my task bar freezing.

Another note, it seems as if the longer I leave my PC off, the longer it lasts when I turn it back on. Sometimes after it crashes, I am not able to boot it for a minute or two because it'll just give me some prompt to enter in a boot cd.

Not sure if it's a driver issue, MOBO, HDD, but I"ll leave the theorycrafting up to you. Any information and/or help on what to do will be followed ASAP. Thank you very much

Edit: Only errors I've been receiving as of lately are the 0x0000F4 BSOD's.

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